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“…I would agree with this book’s very talented author that you are never God’s Gift to anything—you have to work for it!

Most of the book demonstrates that if you want to individually be successful and reach mastery, it is solely left up to you and how you apply yourself.”

—Dr. James Andrews,
Co-Founder, American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI),
Co-Founder, Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center

“..His approach to medicine is far from being the sterile, arrogant attitude that we associate with surgeons. He acknowledges the need for confidence, but he also stresses the equal importance of ‘soft skills’ and interpersonal relationships. In any field, there are those who have reached a certain level and spend the remainder of their working lives hanging on to the status quo. Dr. Ahmad believes that everyone at every level must always be striving to improve. To do less is unfair to your patients (or clients, or partners) and unfair to yourself…”

—Amazon Top 500 Reviewer
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