Vicki – Basketball – Patellar Stabilization

Patellar Stabilization TestimonialVicki Zucker was a 13-year-old female, extremely competitive in basketball, when she came to see Dr. Ahmad. She played on multiple teams in multiple leagues, and she was diagnosed with left patella instability at the age of 9. She was having difficulty with her basketball, and daily episodes of instability. “My parents went to 7 other Orthopaedic surgeons before meeting Dr. Ahmad. They felt very confident with Dr. Ahmad’s knowledge and bedside manner. My parents knew at that time that they had the best Orthopaedic Surgeon as well as the best children’s hospital in New York, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital. After my surgery, I am feeling better than ever! I have full range of motion, full strength and even better ability to run on and off the court. It took hard work to gain my strength back, but if it wasn’t for Dr. Ahmad, I would not be where I am now. I am fast, quick and have no second thoughts about my knee today, 3 ½ years after my surgery. I will be attending IMG Basketball Academics in Bradenton, Florida for my Senior Year of High School and working on my skills to hopefully receive a Basketball Scholarship for college. Dr. Ahmad did an amazing job! My advice for other patients is not to settle for the first local Orthopaedic Surgeon. You must go into New York and see Dr. Ahmad team.”

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