Pedro – Break Dancing- Elbow Arthroscopy

Elbow ArthroscopyAfter break dancing rigorously for years, my elbow began to change but for the worse. I was doing six to eight performances a week nationally and internationally until one day I woke up and my right arm was not able to make a full straight extension. I tried occupational therapy and it helped a little but I knew I needed surgery to remove loose bones around my elbow. My injury was affecting my everyday meaningful activities, life and dance. I did my research and after being referred to Dr. Ahmad, I knew this was the man that could get me back to being a strong, confident, and energetic boy again. Dr. Ahmad took time to learn about what was important to me and why I needed a full recovery. Two months after my arthroscopic surgery, I was back to performing and continuing where I left off. Anyone considering surgery should definitely put his or her trust on Dr. Ahmad. He promised me recovery and that is what I got.

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