Mackenzie – Hockey – ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction, ACL Injury PatientWhen I tore my ACL I wasn’t sure if I could return to playing my favorite sports at the same level as before. I went to see Dr. Ahmad at Columbia Orthopedics and he reassured me that after surgery and some hard work I would be able to return to playing at the same level or even better. 6 months later I was finally able to return to sports. Tearing my ACL was a horrible thing but it also made we work harder to get back into shape. With the support of Dr. Ahmad and his team I was able to make the JV Lacrosse Team where I was later named Captain. That season I scored 50 goals in 15 games and was named the MVP. I am also the only girl on a boy’s ice hockey team. I want to thank Dr. Ahmad and his entire team for all they did to make me a better athlete.

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